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Monday, February 11, 2008


The first post of the Palpable Prostate was published on February 11, 2007 making today the one year anniversary. This is also the 100th post. To make it easier to find material among that many posts this page contains links to selected posts.

Calculators & Prognoses

Prostate Cancer Calculators
PSA Doubling Time (PSADT) - Part 1. Introduction &...
PSA Doubling Time (PSADT) - Part 2. Calculating PS...
PSA Doubling Time (PSADT) - Part 3. DIY Formulas w...
PSA Doubling Time (PSADT) - Part 4. Online Calcula...
PSA Doubling Time - R Code

Community Resources

Community Resources
Case Histories
Yananow Case History Links and Depth of Presentati...
Yananow Place Name Table
Famous People with Prostate Cancer

Free Materials

Free Downloadable Materials on Prostate Cancer
Survey of Patient Oriented Treatment Choice Materi...
Free Downloadable Brochures/Flyers/Pamphlets
Free Monthly Prostate Cancer Magazines and Journal...

Newly Diagnosed

Advice for the Newly Diagnosed with Prostate Cance...
How Long Can Prostate Cancer Treatment be Delayed ...
Patterns of Care
Choosing a Surgeon - Part I. Considerations
Choosing a Surgeon - Part 2. Finding a Surgeon
Questions to Ask the Doctor
On Being Diagnosed with Cancer

The Nature of Prostate Cancer

Testosterone Metabolism and Prostate Cancer
Willett Divides Prostate Cancer into Four


Vitamin D and Prostate Cancer
Holick's July 2007 NEJM Paper on Vitamin D
Canadian Cancer Society Recommends 1000 IU/day Vit...
WCRF/AICR Diet and Cancer Report
Lycopene, Selenium and Vitamin E in Combination fo...
How Healthy Men Can Reduce Their Risk
Diet Soft Drinks


Biochemical PSA Recurrence
ED After Prostatectomy - Part 1. Introduction
ED After Prostatectomy - Part 2. Rehabilitation
Urinary Incontinence
Post RP Urinary Incontinence Progression
Radiation Risks Associated with Prostate Cancer

The Prostate Cancer Scene

Historical Developments in Prostate Cancer
AUA 2007 Conference Summaries
2007 AUA Update of Guidelines for Localized Prosta...
Nerve-Sparing Turns 25

Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA)

PSA Screening and Early Detection - Part 1. Guides...
PSA Screening and Early Detection - Part 2. Key Po...
PSA Screening and Early Detection - Part 3. Curren...
PSA Screening and Early Detection - Part 4. Diagno...
PSA Screening and Early Detection - Part 5. More D...
PSA Variation
Rule of 72 and PSA Doubling Time

Research - DIY

Pubmed Front Ends
Free Monthly Prostate Cancer Magazines and Journal...
Free Downloadable Brochures/Flyers/Pamphlets
Bradford Hill Criteria of Causation
Can most studies be wrong?
Can most studies be wrong? - Part 2
Can most studies be wrong? - Part 3
NIH Funded Research to be Open Access
Guide to PC News
Prostate Cancer Drug Pipeline


RP vs. LRP vs. RLRP - Part 1. Open Surgery (RP)
RP vs. LRP vs. RLRP - Part 2. Laparascopic Surgery...
RP vs. LRP vs. RLRP - Part 3. Robotic Surgery (RLR...
RP vs. LRP vs. RLRP - Part 4. What Surgeons and Ot...
Seminal Vesicle Ablation
Lymph Node Dissection
Inguinal Hernia and Prostatectomy


Metformin and Prostate Cancer

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