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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Diet Soft Drinks

[updated February 25, 2011]
A possibly surprising result which constitutes a simple measure to address Overactive Bladder (OAB) was presented at the August meeting of the International Continence Society meeting in August 2007 (last month) in Rotterdam.

Healthy patients who were given
  • Diet Coke or
  • Caffeine Free Diet Coke
each had significantly greater frequency of urination and urgency compared to those drinking carbonated water. (Urgency is a compelling desire to pass urine which is difficult to defer as mentioned in this [link].)

In comparison, those given regular Classic Coke did have not have statistically greater frequency or urgency.


Coupled with epidemiological evidence (see [PMID: 12823386] [Full Text], consistent with these results, we conclude that certain artificial sweeteners likely have a greater adverse effect on overactive bladder (OAB) than even caffeine!

Although far from a cure, this could be an easy drug-free way to reduce the effects of OAB -- simply avoid diet soft drinks.

Also there are indications that artificial sweeteners in soft drinks are unhealthy in any case: [PMID: 18212291] and [Health Day]


Cartwright R, Srikrishna S, Cardozo L, Gonzalez J, King's College Hospital, Does diet coke cause overactive Bladder? A 4-way crossover trial, investigating the effect of carbonated soft drinks on overactive bladder symptoms in normal volunteers. International Continence Society, Rotterdam, 2007.

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1 comment:

Dick Leslie said...

I have had OAB due to BPH for about three years and take 4mg of flomax daily. I usually drink 2-3 cans of caffeine free diet soda daily. Six months ago my OAB became especially so. One week ago I eliminated the diet soda and now I rarely get up during the night and I urinate much less frequently during the day. My urologist believes there is a direct correlation.