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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Free Downloadable Materials on Prostate Cancer

[Updated October 10, 2008]

The following books, booklets and book chapters are all free and can be downloaded from the internet. Note dates since medical advances may outdate some material. There is a Main section, a Single Topics section, a section for Nutrition and a section of Patient-Oriented materials which tend to be higher level and may lack references. Within the first Main and Nutrition sections the materials are listed in roughly descending order of usefulness (i.e. best first). Preference was given to material with greater depth of treatment, more recent, references to literature and pdf format. The materials in the Patient-oriented section tend to be comparable and so have been listed in date order with most recent first.


- Endotext. Robert McLachlan, ed., Endocrinolgy of Male Reproduction, 2005, 118 pages. Best source in this list for in depth information. The link is to Chapter 10 of the endotext book on endocrinology which provides a review of many prostate cancer topics. Sections include Anatomy and Physiology, Natural History of Prostate Disease, Basic Science of Prostate cancer, Prevention of Prostate Cancer, Diagnosing Prostate Cancer, Prostate Cancer Treatment Options, Radical Retropubic Prostatectomy, Complications of Radical Retropubic Prostatectomy, Treatment of Post-Prostatectomy Recurrences, Radiotherapy and Systemic Therapies. HTML and PDF versions are given in these two links:

- NCCN Protocols. National Comprehensive Cancer Network, NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology: Prostate Cancer, 2008, 44 pages. Protocols for treating prostate cancer. A news article on outlining the changes in the latest release of the guidelines is available here. The guidelines themselves are here:

- NICE. National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (UK). Draft guidelines for prostate cancer, 2007, 149 pages. First 15 pages provide a good summary of the entire document.

- NCI. National Cancer Institute, Prostate Cancer (PDQ(R)): Treatment, 2006. The NCI information is described in this link: and the information itself is provided in the first link as a single page or the following as mulitple pages:

- PCF Advanced PC. Prostrate Cancer Foundation, Report to the Nation on Prostate Cancer: Advanced Disease, 2005, 64 pages.

- Report to the Nation. Prostate Cancer Foundation, 2004, 96 pages. Note that this specifically refers to the 2004 edition. Different years are completely different in contents. Chapters on 1. Detection, Diagnosis and Prognosis, 2. Management of Local Prostate Cancer, 3. Androgen Deprivation Therapy, 4. Management of Bone Metastases, 5. Chemotherapeutic Options, 6. Emerging Therapies, 7. Management of Side Effects, 8. Nutrition and Prevention, 9. Therapeutic Strategies for Patients with a Rising PSA.

- Pilgrim/Crawford. Aubrey Pilgrim & David Crawford, A Revolutionary Approach to Prostate Cancer, 2002, 380 pages. Written by a patient, now deceased, and a urologist.

- Leahy. Richard Leahy, Prostate Cancer Survival Decisions, 2002, 150 pages. Written by an engineer with prostate advanced cancer.

Single Topics

- Jon Nowlin's Active Survellience Summary. This table summarizes entry and exit criteria for active surveillance (watchful waiting). (Note that another table appears in [PMID: 18037873] [Full Text] which is also the WW link on the Treatment line to the right.)

- Wassersug on Transdermal Estradiol. For advanced prostate cancer this article advances the viewpoint that Transdermal Estradiol can provide similar benefits to more expensive androgen suppression drugs and with less side effects (except as discussed) and cost. It is written by Dr. Richard Wassersug of the Department of Anatomy & Neurobiology, Dalhousie University, Halifax. Also see one patient's experience [here] and the warnings in Wassersug's article as well as this more recent [warning] which may or may not apply. Further information can be found in [PMID: 18422771] [Medscape] by David Douglas, [Medscape] by 3 UK doctors and on the PCa in Arizona site: Transdermal Scrotal Estrogen Patches (TSEP) by Fernando Premoli.

- There is also a collection of useful papers that are patient oriented but more technical than usual patient oriented materials on single topics in the PCRI papers (also referenced in the Links section to the right on the Mega: line).

- Guide to Biostatistics by Dr. R. K. Israni. An 11 page surprisingly easy-to-read non-mathematical outline of the main topics in biostatistics can be found here: Topics include Study Designs (How Research is Classified, Terminology, Important Epidemiological Concepts), Descriptive Statistics (Measures of Central Tendency, Measures of Spread, Measures of Frequency of Events, Measures of Association, Terms Used to Describe the Quality of Measurements, Measurements of Diagnostic Test Accuracy, Expressions Used When Making Inferences About Data, Multivariate Regression Methods) and References.


- PCF. Peter H. Gann & Edward L. Giovannucci, Nutrition & Prostate Cancer, Prostate Cancer Foundation, 2005, 40 pages. Booklet reviewing nutritional research on prostate cancer. The greyed summaries can be read if you just want an overview. A shorter link to this is
- UCSF. Natalie Ledesma, Nutrition and Prostate Cancer, 2009, 44 pages. Although not specifically in book form, this guide to nutrition is very much comparable in material discussed to some of the other nutrition guides in this list, reviews the research and has a cookbook section at the end.

- Princess Margaret Hospital. Challenging Prostate Cancer: Nutrition, Exercise and You, undated but appears to be 2007 or 2008. 102 pages. This new patient oriented booklet has been expanded to 102 pages and updated from the older 2000 twenty two page version. The older material is included in expanded chapters on diet and nutrition in Chapter 1, Supplements in Chapter 2 and the cookbook in Chapter 4. New chapters cover nutrition during treatment in Chapter 3, exercise in Chapter 5 and motivation in Chapter 6. Authors include doctors and medical personnel in urology, oncology, psychology, physiology, nursing and nutrition: John Trachtenberg, Neil Fleshner, Kristin Currie, Daniel Santa Mina, Andrew Mathew, Barbie Casselman, Paul Ritvo, Jane Irvine, Carol Lancaster. The older 22 page 2000 version is also avaliable: John Trachtenberg, Neil Fleshner, Carol Lancaster, Barbie Casselman. Eating Right for Life: Prostate Cancer Nutrition & You, 2000, 22 pages. For patients who already have prostate cancer (as opposed to preventing prostate cancer in healhty patients.) Collaborative work by a urologist, oncologist, nurse and nutritionist from Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto. Cookbook section at end. No references.

- World Cancer Research Foundation/American Institute of Cancer Research Report. Every 10 years the WCRF puts out a major report on nutrition and cancer. The most recent report was released in late 2007 and a summary of those aspects related to prostate cancer is summarized here together with links to the report itself.

- Barnard - Short. Neal Barnard, Healthy Eating for Life, The Cancer Project, 2004, 16 pages. For cancer, in general, not just prostate cancer but has a prostate cancer sections. Vegetarian eating: vegetables, whole grains, fruit and legumes. Focus on cancer prevention and survival for cancer patients. Recipies at end.

- Barnard - Long. Neal Barnard, The Survivor's Handbook: eating right for cancer survival, The Cancer Project, 2003, 148 pages. For cancer survivors (as opposed to preventing cancer.) Not specific to prostate cancer although there are sections on prostate cancer. Sections on low fat, fiber, dairy alternatives, replacing meat, meal planning,antioxidants and phytochemicals, immune-boosting foods, healthy weight andappendices on nutrition, breast and prostate cancer. Recipies at end.

Patient Oriented - Most Recent First

- The PC Charity. The Prostate Cancer Charity, Tookit, 2006. A collection of short downloadable publications on various prostate cancer topics for cancer patients.

- VA. Dept. of Veteran Affairs (Australia). You and Your Prostate, 2006, 92 pages. Information for prostate cancer patients.

- NCI. National Cancer Institute, Treatment Choices for Men with Early Stage Prostate Cancer, 2005, 25 pages.
An older version of this document co-authored with the US Too group and entitled Know Your Options: Understanding Treatment Choices for Prostate Cancer (2003, 48 pages) was the highest rated patient-oriented free document in a 2004 survey.

- PCF. Peter Carroll, Michael Carducci, Anthony Zietman, Jason Rothaermel, Report to the Nation on Prostate Cancer: A Guide for Men and Their Families, The Prostate Foundation, 2005, 130 pages. Overview of prostate cancer covering treatment options, side effects, nutrition, recurrence, hormone therapy, emerging therapies, clinical trials. Written by a urologist, medical oncologist, radiation oncologist and oncology nurse from UCSF, John Hopkins, Harvard and The Cleveland Clinic. Sometime after adding this PCF document we noticed that NJ Urology Associates mention it on their blog.

- AstraZeneca. AstraZeneca, Understanding Prostate Cancer and Treatment Options: A Guidebook for Patients and Care Givers, 2005, 45 pages. AstraZeneca has written a high level patient-oriented booklet that covers diagnosis, staging and grading and the various treatment options (RP, RT, cryo, WW, hormones, chemo, clinical trials) together with the advantages and disadvantages of each.

- Queensland. Queensland Cancer Fund, (1) Understanding Treatment for Localized Prostate Cancer, 2003, 35 pages. (2) Understanding Treatment for Advanced Prostate Cancer, 2003, 35 pages. (3) Prostate Cancer - Sex After Treatment, 2003?, 17 pages.


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