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Monday, April 16, 2007

Free Downloadable Brochures/Flyers/Pamphlets

[Updated May 31, 2008]

Below we list short brochures, pamphlets and summaries about various aspects of prostate cancer that can be freely downloaded from the net. The emphasis in this list is that they are short. They have the advantage of placing all the key points in a short space to communicate those points quickly to the reader. For longer downloadable materials see the Free Downloadable Materials post also available under Key Posts to the right. We first present a set of particularly good brochures followed by a section on brochure collections.

Prevention. This is an excellent 2 page PCRI pamphlet. This brochure is also available by clicking on [PCRI] after How Healthy Men Can Reduce Their Risk in the Key Posts to the right. A 2005 pamphlet on prevention from the Canadian Prostate Health Council summarizes prevention steps in Table 1 and provides 20 brief pages of patient-oriented advice on prevention. A six page brochure by Neal Barnard that focuses on nutritional approaches to prostate cancer can be found [here] . There are also several other sets of materials in the How Healthy Men Can Reduce Their Risk post (also available in key links to the right).

PSA Testing. This is an excellent 4 page summary of PSA Testing including anatomy, pros and cons, factors that affect PSA, cutoff levels, interpreting PSA and references.

Questions on Medical Tests. Questions about lab tests from the Canadian Society of Medical Laboratory Science:

Prep for Surgery. This three page PDF by a prostate cancer patient on Prep for Surgery lists those things you might wish to pick up to be prepared. Those interested in this might also wish to view the longer list available on the malecare site.

Incontinence Exercises. Two page brochure on Pelvic Floor Exercises , also called Kegel exercises, to combat incontinence. Several other brochures on the same topic are listed in this post on urinary incontinence.

ED Exercises. Dr. Frank Sommer has material on ED Exercises which consist of three one and two page brochures on exercises to combat erectile dysfunction (ED). Studies he conducted showed these exercises work as well as Viagra.


UHN Treatment Brochures. The University Health Network (UHN) has brochures on the following treatment topics:
- Laparascopic Radical Prostatectomy
- Pelvic Exercises (Kegel)
- Radiation Therapy to the Prostate Area (Conformal & IMRT)
- Radiation Therapy to the Prostate Area (Pelvis)
- Radical Prostatectomy
- RPLND (Retroperitoneal Lymphadenectomy)
- TURP (Trans Urethral Resection of the Prostate)

UK PC Charity. The UK PC Charity has a selection of many prostate cancer flyers on diagnosis, treatment (AS, EBRT, seeds, HDR seeds, RP, cryotherapy, HT, Casodex, Zoladex and other drugs, clinical trials) and lifestyle (diet, sexuality, continence, pain).

The Northern Lincolnshire Hospital has brochures on brachytherapy, ED, HT, Pelvic Floor Exercises, Active Surveillance, PSA, Radical Prostatectomy, Epidurals (an anaesthetic administered to the spine that stays in for a day or two afterwards to continuously provide pain relief), trans-rectal ultrasound (TRUS), low fat diet, MRI scanning and many other non-urology topics.

National Cancer Coalation. A long list of flyers and pamphlets for prostate cancer is available on the National Prostate Cancer Coalition site.

Canadian Prostate Health. The Canadian Prostate Health Council has pamphlets and articles on a variety of prostate cancer topics [here] and [here]. Some are patient-oriented pamphlets intended to be used by urologists to give to their patients whereas others are past articles from Our Voice magazine (also discussed in Free Downloadable Materials.

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