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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Questions to Ask the Doctor

[November 28, 2008]

Need some help on what to ask? Here is a selection of links to sets of questions. Note that if you get your doctor through the recommendation of a patient he may be able to answer many of these questions before you ever speak to the doctor saving a lot of time.

General questions from yananow:

General questions from the US Too support group:

Questions from the Malecare support group

Additional Surgery questions (not so far covered)

What is the approach to Lymph Node Dissection?

Robotic surgery questions:

One additional robotic surgery question is how the surgeon will handle unlikely event of equipment failure.

The tough questions. (Two ways around the tough questions are to get your doctor through a patient who will be able to answer the questions before you ever speak to the doctor. Another way to gauge his experience is to try to assess what his age is.)

Each of the publications (all freely available) linked to from this page end with questions for the doctor:

Another list of questions:

and another:

The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) has some advice on dealing with doctors and the health care system with links to questions:

Questions Not Specific to Prostate Cancer

The following are General Questions for the doctor that come from the National Eye Institute which is part of the NIH (US government). These are not specific to any particular disease.

Another source of general questions is this 2 page brochure from the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) and the accompanying wallet card. A number of related brochures (mostly the same ones but in different languages) can be found on the OHA site here.

Questions about lab tests from the Canadian Society of Medical Laboratory Science: The answers to many questions on medical tests can be found on the Lab Tests Online site.


Anonymous said...

Great site! The last list of questions isn't a valid site.

The Palpable Prostate said...

Thanks. The last link has been corrected now.