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Friday, April 20, 2007

Guide to PC News

To use this site to keep up-to-date on Prostate Cancer news and developments try checking the following:

Every day:
  • click on Google in small letters above the revolving news at top of page. This will take you to prostate cancer news selected by Google and updated continuously throughout the day.
  • click on Urotoday in small letters also above the revolving news at top. This is updated daily and written by doctors and medical professionals.

Every week:
  • click on Amedeo in small letters above the revolving news at top. On the Amedeo site click on the most recent date in the list of dates. This shows latest journal articles with links to abstracts on pubmed.
  • click on Cancer Updates in small letters above the revolving news at top. Then click on current year and then click on Latest Issue. This also shows journal articles with pubmed abstracts.

Every month:
  • on the right side of the page under Key Posts see the entry that reads Free Monthly Prostate Cancer Magazines & Journals. It is followed by a list of links in square brackets. Click on each one in turn.
  • the top support group newsletters are already among the links in the last point but if you want to check others too then go to the Community Resources post listed under Key Posts and on the Community Resources page in the lists of support groups click on each * symbol. These are links to the newsletter of the group listed by each star.

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