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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Survey of Patient Oriented Treatment Choice Materials

The material in this post was previously in Free Downloadable Materials but has been slightly expanded and placed here.

Fagerlin et al, 2004 [PMID: 15126256] reviewed 546 sets of materials (documents, web sites and multimedia) on prostate cancer treatment choices oriented to patients and then narrowed it down to 44 by eliminating all those that did not describe all standard choices. They concluded that on the whole the materials "typically do not contain complete information about prostate cancer treatments and their accompanying side effects, do not contain adequate quantitative information, and are written at reading levels that exceed those of the average U.S. adult."

They developed 54 desirable criteria and gave each item a score according to how many criteria were satisfied so 54 is the best possible and 0 is the worst.

Only three received scores above 40 and of those the following two are free:

Score: 47
US TOO/NCI. Know Your Options: Understanding Treatment Choices for Prostate Cancer. In the Fagerlin paper this was listed as a print document but now it exists on the internet as well at:
or from the archives here:
These links point to the version as it existed; however, it seems that the NCI has since revised it and replaced it with:

Score: 43
University of Toronto Prostate Centre. In the article this one was listed as but that link now redirects to the new URL given here:

For additional Free Downloadable Materials see this post (also listed under Key Posts to the right).

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