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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Eat your carrots

A December 2014 Chinese meta-analysis of prior studies on carrot consumption and prostate cancer reported that while there were some inconsistent results it nevertheless found an inverse relationship, i.e. eating more carrots cut the risk of getting prostate cancer.  Importantly, it found a dose-response relationship -- for every 10 grams of carrots per day consumed there was a 5 percentage point reduction in relative risk. If this holds for sufficiently large increments of consumption and if the association is causal then given that a small/medium/large carrot weights 50/61/73 grams (see [hannaone]) one could reduce one's risk by 25%/30%/36% by consuming a small/medium/large carrot per day. The abstract of the study can be found here: [Pubmed: 24519559]

The existence of a dose-response relationship is one of the Bradford Hill criteria of causation. See: Bradford Hill Criteria of Causation on this blog.

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