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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Finding freely available research articles

A new Firefox and Chrome browser extension creates a small button on the right side of the screen whenever you visit a journal article's web page. If it is green then it found the article freely and  legally available on a pre-print server or the article was not pay-walled in the first place.

To install the extension simply go the site using Firefox or Chrome and click on the large button.

Once it is installed any time you visit an article it will place the aforementioned button on the right side of the screen. If green click the button to get to an open access version of the article. If the button is grey then it was unable to find a free legal source.  The FAQ also refers to Gold and Blue buttons but none of the sites I visited had those.

This article discusses as well as some other similar sites for uncovering open access material:

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Charles (Chuck) Maack said...

Appreciate that you are always helpful with your posts.

Charles (Chuck) Maack, Prostate Cancer patient, advocate, activist, mentor