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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Blog Updates for April 2018

April 1, 2018. In Metformin and Prostate Cancer we added: Since then a 2016 paper found, in a cross sectional study of 326 cancer-free diabetic men, that metformin lowered PSA; however, in contrast other blood glucose lowering medications (sulfonylureas, thazodlidinediones) they looked at did not lower it. This suggests that other mechanisms than blood glucose lowering are responsible.  These might be  androgen receptor (AR) down-regulation, other non-AR mechanisms or reduction of inflammation or reduction of lipid levels. This study also found a dose-response effect between metformin and PSA -- those who used more than 2000 mg/day of metformin had 37% lower PSA than those who used less than 1000 mg/day. See [PMID: 27403913] [Full Free Text].

A second study, this one reporting in 2017, of 1363 diabetic cancer-free men also found that metformin users had lower PSA than non-users. [PMID: 29390570] [Full Free Text].

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