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Monday, November 30, 2015

From Pilot to System Solution

It seems that so much is known in medicine and health care that is not widely enough applied. The video below of the keynote talk by Dr. Danielle Martin at the Health Quality Transformation 2015 conference focused on health care in Ontario notes that "less than 40% of health improvement projects successfully expand beyond the early group of adopters who first bring them to life" and discusses how innovation can move from pilot to system-wide application.

It discusses the concepts of spread and scale:

- Spread is about innovations diffusing to other teams or organizations, one at a time, as successive teams learn of the successful innovation and individually decide to adopt it.

- Scale is about large scale structural change involving policies that are implemented all at once across an entire region. It requires significant resources and political capital.

She discusses the application of these concepts and many associated issues and examples.

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