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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Blog updates for March 2015

March 15, In USPSTF Draft Report we added: Partly due to the controversy that this decision has generated, a new bipartisan bill HR1151 designed to reform the USPSTF process is under consideration.  The bill is supported by the American Urological Association (AUA).  A summary of some of the key points is available in this [June 3, 2013 Urology Times article] and this [March 11, 2015 Medscape article].

March 15. In Fasting we added: A recent experiment on fruit flies supports this idea [of only eating during certain hours of a day] finding that fruit flies who were restricted to eat within a 12 hour window each day had superior cardiac health than fruit flies allowed to eat any time they wished. See [PMID: 25766238] and [San Diego University news release].

March 25. In USPSTF Draft Report we added: A 36 minute presentation by Peter C. Albertsen largely in support of the USPSTF recommendations is found at [January 14, 2015 UBC Urology Rounds]

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