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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Blog updates for October 2012

Oct 31, 2012. In PSADT Part 1 we add: In a [2010 thesis by E. Mehrara] it is pointed out that statistical analysis of doubling times is complicated by its typically skewed distribution and that its reciprocal (1/PSADT) is more symmetric which is more consistent with many statistical procedures. Equation (10) of that thesis suggests the use of ln(2)/PASDT since that numerically equals the constant in the differential equation of exponential growth. (Also see [PMID:1744013] [Full Text]).
Oct 4, 2012. In WCRF/AICR Diet and Cancer Report we added: It is expected that upcoming udpates will be available in 2013 on endometrial and ovarian cancers and on breast cancer survivors and in 2014 on cancers of prostate, bladder, kidney, liver and gallbladder. WCRF/AICR Timetable.

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