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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Blog Updates for July 2011

July 9. In Biochemical PSA Recurrence we added: The Biotech Strategy Blog reports that Alex Haese at the AUA 2011 meeting presented data that the time to mets after recurrence is 4.7 years in Europe compared to 8 years in the US.

July 3. In Pubmed Front Ends we added: A different interface, also available at the Pubmed site, is the Advanced Pubmed Interface which allows one to build a query using drop downs without the need to memorize the various codes such as [Author]. NCBI also provides a number of useful tutorial videos on the use of certain Pubmed features.

June 30. In PSA Screening and Early Detection Part 2: see this June 27/11 NY Times article on bicycle seats.

June 30. In Biochemical PSA Recurrence we added: Malik et al [PMID: 21652145] [PC Infolink writeup] found that over 95% of 765 patients who had PSA less than 0.04 three years post surgery were recurrence-free seven year post surgery. (They defined recurrence as patients who "developed a PSA level of at least 0.2 or underwent salvage RT for a persistently rising PSA level after 3 yr of follow-up".)

June 28. In Choosing a Surgeon - Part I. Considerations, Choosing a Surgeon - Part I we added: In a 2010 J Urol paper Vickers et al indicate that for laprascopic surgery the absolute increase in risk for positive margins is 4.8% for a surgeon with the experience of 10 surgeries vs. a surgeon with 250 surgeries. See [PMID: 20952022]. Also see the table on page 8 of [Niall Corcoran presentation].

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