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Friday, December 31, 2010

Blog Updates for December 2010

2010 was the fourth calendar year of publishing the Palpable Prostate blog. This year there were about 20K page views from readers around world.

The most popular page is the Prostate Cancer Calculators page. A two part set of posts on ED, a post on Recurrence, a four part of set of posts on PSA Doubling Time, a two part set of posts on Yananow Case Histories and a post on Free Downloadable Materials on Prostate Cancer are among other particularly popular pages.

In December the following updates were made:

December 22, 2010. In the right hand margin in the Links box we added: Lab Tests: [Questions] [Lab Test Info].

December 22, 2010. In Prostate Cancer Calculators we add: Researchers at Memorial Sloan Kettering have [published] and [further validated] a model for assessing the need for a biopsy that they claim is nearly 80% accurate in its prediction of prostate cancer and nearly 90% accurate in its prediction of prostate cancer with Gleason 7 or higher.

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