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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Blog Updates for October 2010

October 30, 2010. In How Healthy Men Can Reduce Their Risk we added: In the study [summarized here] it was found that those who had PSA testing prior to developing prostate cancer had a lower chance of it spreading.

October 30, 2010. In PSADT Doubling Time - Part 4 we added a direct link to the [Memorial Sloan Kettering PSADT calculator]. Previously there was a link to the MSK calculator site only.

October 15, 2010. In Prostate Cancer Calculators we add: Charlson Comorbidity Score. Given age and which of 19 diseases the patient has (weighted by association with mortality) the Charlson Score can be calculated and a formula or tables used to calculate the 10 year survival probability given the Charlson score.

You can calculate your Charleson co-morbidity score (higher numbers are
assigned to patients with overall poorer health) using this: Excel spreadsheet. Also see accompanying [Full Text] [PMID: 15610554] paper.

Now that you have your Charlson score you can input that score into this nomogram which will give separate ten year life expectancies after surgery and after radiation treatment. Also see accompanying paper: [Full Text] [PMID: 17704404].

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