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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blog Updates for March 2010

Mar 22/10. In Advice to the Newly Diagnosed we added: Deciding. Be aware that according to [2010 Archives of Internal Medicine article] [sciencecentric article][PMID: 20212180] "specialist visits relate strongly to prostate cancer treatment choices." Those who visited a radiologist tend to choose radiation and those who visited a urologist tended to choose surgery, hormones or watchful waiting. The paper concludes that "in light of these findings, prior evidence that specialists prefer the modality they themselves deliver and the lack of conclusive comparative studies demonstrating superiority of one modality over another, it is essential to ensure that men have access to balanced information before choosing a particular therapy for prostate cancer." Thus you should visit doctors of each specialty to make a decision rather than rely on the advice of one from a single specialist.

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