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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Blog Updates for June 2009

June 16/09.
Added to Free Monthly Prostate Cancer Magazines and Journals these lists of free medical journals (not necessarily in the field of urology):


NIH - Pubmed Central (US)

Biomed Central

June 16/09. On the Case Histories page we added: surgery takes effect immediately and also has the worst side effects immediately whereas radiation has relatively benign immediate side effects in the short term but over the following 24 months as the radiation kills the prostate cancer cells the side effects kick in [PMID: 19395191].

June 7/09. On the Calculators page we added:
Wolfram Alpha provides a box in which you enter a query and find out where among the population you stand on various medical tests, e.g. enter one of these:
psa 5 age 60
vitamin d 25 age 60 male
bmi 25 age 60 male
life expectancy age 60 male
blood pressure 125/75 age 60 male
ldl cholesterol 125 age 60 male
hdl cholesterol 50 age 60 male
or if you omit the test value then it gives the population reference range, e.g. enter:
psa age 60

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