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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Blog Updates for Februrary 2009

Feb 28. In How Healthy Men Can Reduce Their Risk we added: AR5 Inhibitors. ASCO and AUA issued the following guidelines on AR5 inhibitors in February 2009:
  • Men who have a PSA with a score of 3.0 or below who already get yearly PSA tests, or expect to get a yearly PSA test, and show no signs of prostate cancer may benefit from talking with their doctor about the risks and benefits of a 5-ARI, such as finasteride, for the prevention of prostate cancer. The advantages are a lower risk of prostate cancer and improvement in urinary problems (if present), and the reduction of future urinary problems. The potential risks include the possibility of developing high-grade prostate cancer and/or a chance of short-term (one to two years) sexual problems.
  • Men who are already taking a 5-ARI to treat urinary problems may also benefit from talking with their doctors about using this drug for the prevention of prostate cancer, understanding that the improvement in urinary symptoms should be weighed against the potential risks of developing high-grade prostate cancer.
See [] [J. Urol Abstract].

Feb 27. In Post RP Urinary Incontinence Progression we added: Contradicting prevailing wisdom is a Feb 2009 study of 731 men which found that even after 24 months post-prostatectomy that 20% of men showed marked improvement in erectile dysfunction and continence and an even greater percentage showed improvement though not marked. [PMID: 19091349].

Feb 27. In Lymph Node Dissection added: An October 2008 review of Lymph Node Dissection is available in [PMID: 19044297] [Full Text].

Feb 1. Added the following blog to the Blogs: line in the right margin: Tewari.

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