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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Blog Updates for October 2008

Oct 23. In Questions to Ask Doctor added this link on generic questions not specifically relating to any particular disease but rather questions which relate to any disease.

Oct 18. In ED After Prostatectomy. Part 2 - Rehabilitation we add: Pelvic floor or Kegel exercises have also found to be beneficial. See [PMID: 15527607] [Full Text] and particularly Box 1 of that paper where the exercises are described. Dr. Dorey has some materials on exercise for erectile dysfunction [Dorey site] which are reviewed [here].

Oct 18. In DCA we add: There is a September 2008 review of DCA [PMID: 18766181] by Michelakis. Also on the DCA is site is information on Nobuto Yamamoto who has done work on DCA as well as GcMAF. The latter seems promising based on small scale testing. See Yamamoto file.

Oct 6. On the Calculators page added: Non-Medical Calculators. Although not related to the main topic of our site the following page calculates numerous items in the areas of personal/family (will your marriage last to its Xth anniversary? and more), fun/sports (next move in rock/paper/scissors and more), politics (predict presidential election and more), media (predict the success of a book title and more), health (predict probability of diseases and more) and money (predict how much you will have to retire and more) and economic (predict stock prices and more): [yale calculator links]

Oct 6. In Testosterone Metabolism and Prostate Cancer we added these abiraterone links: [PMID: 18645193] [Abiraterone Clinical Trials].

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