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Monday, January 28, 2008

Blog Updates for January 2008

Jan 9. In PSA Screening and Early Detection - Part 2 added information on split bicycle seats which address the problem of pressure on the perineal area.

Jan 13. In Advice to the Newly Diagnosed added: Although many urologists do offer ED treatment after surgery or provide a referral to an ED specialist you cannot assume either of these steps will automatically happen so be sure to pre-arrange for it prior to surgery. [PMID: 18042217]

Jan 13. In Choosing a Surgeon - Part I. Considerations we added: A 2007 study done of urologists in France show which doctor you get can determine whether or not you get treated for ED with only half of all doctors systematically prescribing ED treatments to all patients. These tended to be the younger ones and the ones that performed more RPs. See [PMID: 18042217]

Jan ?. Added to the Guidelines section to the right:
[AUA recurrence] [ASTRO recurrence]

Jan 14. In Seminal Vesicle Ablation we added these references: [PMID: 10840084] [PMID: 18184337] [full text].

Jan 14. Added to the future developments portion of the Historical Developments post: The New York Times have a Dec 26, 2007 article that says:
On the horizon is therapy using beams of carbon ions, which are said to be even more powerful in killing tumors. Touro University says it will build a combined proton and carbon therapy center outside San Francisco, to open as early as 2011. The Mayo Clinic is also seriously considering one. Such centers will cost even more - as much as $300 million.

Jan 14. Added to Free Monthly Prostate Cancer Magazines and Journals : Based on 2005 In Cites data, the urology journals not focused on kidney disease which have highest research impact are Also added Journal of Urology and European Urology links to the right under Free Month Cancer Magazines and Journals.

Jan 14. Added to Free Monthly Prostate Cancer Magazines and Journals: British Journal of Cancer . Not specific to prostate cancer but still has relevant papers.

Jan 14. Added to ED After Prostatectomy : The prostate provides ejaculate so with no prostate ejaculation is not possible (although a small amount of fluid from the Cowper's Gland [PMID: 15811067][full text] may still be emitted).

Jan 15. Added to ED After Prostatectomy: A purely psychological test, The Fugl-Meyer's Life Satisfaction Checklist (LISAT-8), and even just questions 2+3+5 on it have been shown to correlate well with the IIEF and SHIM score and can be used as screening tools. (See [PMID: 18042219].) ... Although it might seem academic to spend time on specific definitions, the percentage of men regaining sexual functionality varies widely depending on exactly what definition is used as pointed out in this January 15, 2008 New York Times article.

Jan 15. Added to Newly Diagnosed: Using the d'Amico risk categories this Mortality after prostatectomy chart and this Mortality after radiation treatment chart show highly favorable outcomes even in the high risk group. (Material cited is from [PMID: 16985915]. [full text].)

Jan 15. In Pubmed Front Ends we added : The shortest link using the pubmed site itself is:

Jan 15. In PSA Screening and Early Detection - Part 2. Key Points on PSA we added this item. The half life of PSA is 3 days [PMID: 1376933] [full text] so it would halve 10 times in 30 days reducing the excess PSA to (1/2) ^ 10 = 0.1% of its original value.

Jan 16. Added information in How Healthy Men Can Reduce Their Risk about a Finnish study published November 2007 involving 24,723 case control pairs conducted over the 1995-2002 time frame that found that statins, but not other cholesterol lowering drugs, lowered the risk of advanced prostate cancer, but did not lower the risk of prostate cancer overall. The odds ratio of developing advanced cancer for torvastatin, lovastatin, and simvastatin was 0.61, 0.61 and 0.78, respectively. [PMID: 18006910]

Jan 17. Added link to Klotz [WW] review under Treatment in Links section on right side of page. The prior link is now listed as (table) beside it.

Jan 18. In RP vs. LRP vs. RLRP - Part 2. Laparascopic Surgery, Touijer & Guillonneau, 2006 feel that more data is needed publishing more in October 2007 in [PMID: 17188801]. The latter concluded that at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Institute "laparoscopic and retropubic radical prostatectomy provide comparable PSM rates for patients with clinically localized prostate cancer. The PSM rate over the study period remained unchanged in the RRP experience, indicating a mature and well-established operative technique, while that of LRP underwent a significant decrease, demonstrating that the procedure and therefore the results continued to evolve during the study." (A positive surgical margin, PSM, occurs when cancer cells are found at the region cut. This indicates that not all cancer cells were removed.)

Jan 19. In Lycopene, Selenium and Vitamin E in Combination we added:

A Harvard study found that a combination of tea (either black or green) and soy had synergistic effects against prostate cancer in mice [PMID: 12566493] [full text].

"A team at John Hopkins has recently discovered that the mechanism by which Vitamin C acts in certain mouse tumors is to starve them of Hypoxia-Induced Factor (HIF). HIF is a protein that allows cancer cells to grow even in the absence of oxygen so by restricting access to this protein tumors cannot grow without oxygen. It is not known whether this work applies to humans or whether it applies to prostate cancer. See [PMID: 17785204] [John Hopkins news release]."

Jan 26. Added to the right under Links (on the Mega: line) a direct link to the PCRI papers (beside the PCRI link which was already there).

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