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Monday, December 31, 2007

Blips of the Heart

Happy New Year to all. For our end of year post:

Everybody wonders what anaesthetists do while the patient is asleep
Everybody wonders what we do for three hours while that machine goes beep

Everybody reckons we drink coffee and we gossip and we're generally subversive
Everybody reckons we do crosswords and sudoku and we chat up all the nurses

Do you really think that's all we do?
Well, let me tell you now it isn't true
Cause we sometimes check the screen
And every now and then we write stuff
And if we have to intervene
We inject a bit of white stuff

And we offer to alter the lights
Or the height of the bed
Or fiddle with the radio, change the CD
We even check the patient occasionally

And if they move, we turn up the vapour
And then we go back to reading the paper

When the patient is asleep
We just sit and listen to the beep
We just sit and listen to the ...

Once upon a time I took pride in my job
Now I think its time to depart
Cause I just sit here every day and listen to blips of the heart


Lars said...

Very late, but it's 'alter the lights'.
Fortunately... I think... ;)

The Palpable Prostate said...

> Very late, but it's 'alter the lights'.
> Fortunately... I think... ;)

Thanks. I've fixed it now.