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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Blog Updates - Main Page

  • The subtitle at the top of the blog has been shortened to: "Prostate cancer topics, links and more."

  • Placed links to prostate cancer news from Google, UroToday, Amedeo and Cancer Updates just above News bar at top of page. These are updated by-the-minute, daily, weekly and weekly, respectively.

  • External links on main page now come up in their own window. I was getting tired of hitting Back all the time.

  • On the right, added some of the links found within the Key Posts after the link to the Key Post they are in. This may save a click at times.

  • The 3 most accessed posts under Key Posts on the right are starred

  • A link to Questions to Ask Doctor has been added to the Key Posts on the right.

  • Link to the Phoenix5 Journal Blog has been added to the blog list on the right. Its main use is to get to the new Phoenix5 site (which is the link in the upper left of that blog) which might otherwise be hard to find.

  • Added a Technorati link.

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