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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Blog updates - Posts

Community Resources
- WRAMC UsToo Washington DC & military chapter has been added under the DC link. It includes information on Agent Orange and prostate cancer issues of interest to US vets.
- under US Too a link has been added to their 2003 treatment choice document

Historical Developments in Prostate Cancer
- Added Folkman's 1971 proposal of anti-angiogenesis as an anti-cancer mechanism [PMID: 4938153].
- added a note to the 1992 introduction of the laparascopic method which mentions that it did not achieve regular use until 1998.
- Added a link to the 1994 [FDA Announcement] approving PSA for screening.

Prostate Cancer Calculators
- The PSA doubling time calculators section of this post has been expanded and placed in its own 4 part series on PSA Doubling Time (PSADT).

PSA doubling time calculators
- The Cell Growth section has been expanded and revised adding information regarding the linear and exponential phases of cancer cell growth and a link to an opinion that the true equations are more complex.

Urinary Incontinence
- A link to the new location for Phoenix 5 Urinary Incontinence has been added.

Questions to Ask Doctor
- More info has been added on the tough questions.
- A question about equipment failure for robotic surgery has been added.
- A question about lymph node dissection has been added.
- This post has been added to the Key Posts to the right (as mentioned above)

- added a comment with a link to one person's description of DCA-induced neuropathy.

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