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Friday, March 2, 2007

Updates to Posts

To assist in separating out the useful material on the net from the time wasters, a number of changes have made to this blog, as described below, including winnowing down the blog list on the right to the best three, reordering the Free Downloadable Materials list with best at top and placing ! and !! marks in the Community Resources post showing where the most interesting material is on the web pages of the various support group web sites. Aside from such revisions additional material has also been added as described below:

- The PCNG Cinccinnati domain appears to have expired. I guess someone forgot to renew it. Our 100+ Links on the right hand side of this blog points to their excellent link collection. In the meantime an "or Here" has been added as a link to it via the Wayback Machine.

- Community Resources link has been added to the Key Posts list of links on the right.

- Free Downloadable Materials link has been added to the Key Posts list of links on the right.

- On the Free Downloadable Materials post the documents have been been separated into a main cateogry, a nutrition category and a patient-oriented cateogry. Within category materials have been reordered in descending order of usefulness except for the patient category where they are largely comparable and so are listed in date order.

- On the Free Downloadable Materials post, additional items by the National Cancer Institute giving more technical and more patient oriented material on treatment choice have been added.

- On the Free Downloadable Materials an additional item Prostate Cancer Charity Toolkit, which is a collection of free downloadable publications, has been added.

- On the Free Downloadable Materials a new link has been added to three patient-oriened documents on localized and advanced prostate cancer and on sex after treatment from Queensland.

- Two additional sources of questions have been added to the Questions to Ask the Doctor post. The new ones are the last two on the page.

- All but the best three blogs have been eliminated from the Other Prostate Cancer Blogs in the list on the right hand side of the page.

- On the Calculators page a link to Life Expectancy table and associated explanation and figure has been added.

- On the Calculators page links to a nomogram for indolent cancer (useful on deciding whether to go with watchful waiting), a nomogram for predicting recurrence after radical prostatectomy based on variables known at diagnosis and a nomogram for survival in androgen independent prostate cancer.

- On the Calculators page is a link to a full article on how to calculate the Charlson Score. This can be used to get the 10 year survival probability given the age and other diseases (choose from 19) that a patients has.

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